11 tips for choosing and observing safe restaurants

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11 tips for choosing and observing safe restaurants.

Cleanliness and the arrangement of things, products, or food to always look nice and orderly. It is the first thing that will help attract customers to buy products in the store. And for safe shops, what methods or observation points are there? We have 11 good tips for you. Report from สมัคร ufabet

  1. Cooking locations such as carts, stalls, restaurants must be clean. The cooking area must be level. Easy to clean such as stainless steel, aluminum, glazed tiles, etc. and must be in good condition, not cracked.
  2. Don’t cook on the floor. Must cook on cart or table 60 cm high from the ground.
  3. Condiments such as fish sauce and artificial lime juice must have an FDA number on the side of the bottle.
  4. Fresh vegetables must wash thoroughly.
  5. Crab, fermented fish, salted crab, tamarind juice must boile or scalde with hot water before cooking.
  6. The cook’s hands must be clean. And use hands that wear gloves or use food tongs to pick up ingredients. Nails cut short and not dirty.
  7. The cook must wear a shirt with sleeves. tie an apron and wear a hat to collect hair
  8. Eating equipment Wash with dishwashing liquid. Followed by clean water and placed at a height of 60 cm from the floor.
  9. Garbage has a container and a closed lid. Drainage pipes must not clogge.
  10. The toilet is clean and has a sink. And there is soap provided at all times.
  11. Clean, edible ice with scooping equipment that has handles or tongs. Placed at a height of 60 cm from the floor and not fresh food or drinks.

While dining out may be a relaxing and luxurious experience for customers.

It’s often a different story for the restaurant staff. Behind the kitchen doors are a world of potentially hot, dangerous, and highly stressful conditions.

The kitchen staff faces some of the greatest safety risks, but you can’t underestimate the beaming smiles of the waitstaff. Safety issues can crop up anywhere. Here are five ways you can ensure safety in your establishment while ensuring a superb experience for your customers.

With open flames, hot liquids, potential spillages, and sharp equipment, there are many hazards present in a restaurant. In order to keep your establishment safe and hygienic for both your employees and customers, it’s essential to be aware of these risks and to reduce them as much as possible by following these basic steps:

  • Train staff in food and fire safety procedures.
  • Train staff to use equipment safely and properly.
  • Provide employees with high-quality safety equipment.
  • Prevent common restaurant injuries including trips and slips.