“Peripheral neuropathy” silent danger the elderly 

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Peripheral neuropathy” a silent danger for the elderly If left chronically for a long time, it is difficult to treat.

Doctors revealed that peripheral neuropathy, swelling, redness, weakness and numbness in the arms and legs, the ends of the hands and feet, is most common in the elderly. Most cause by infection. Point out if you find any wounds or bruises on the tips of the hands or feet. You should see a doctor immediately.

Dr. Suphan Srithamma, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed. That the nervous system is divide into 3 systems: the central nervous system Peripheral nervous system. And the autonomic nervous system The peripheral nervous system involves two things: movement and sensation. Peripheral neuropathy most often occurs in the elderly. 

But it can found in younger people as well. Most cause by infection. Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are pain, swelling, redness, heat, or if viewed under a microscope, there will be many white blood cells. indicates a reaction to inflammation.

Patients with peripheral neuropathy can divide into 3 groups :

The first group 

has actual inflammation in the peripheral nervous system. It may cause by an infection in the respiratory system, such as a virus. That causes inflammation and infection in the upper respiratory system. Or it may found in people with abnormal immune systems. Immunocompromised Patients will have symptoms of weakness and numbness but are still able to move around and work, or in more severe cases, important muscles such as the muscles related to breathing. A ventilator may required. Intubate It is inflammation cause by the body’s own allergic reaction. 

It takes some time. So it can revive. By giving some medicines that are serums to relieve allergic reactions to help. which is quite expensive Or if there is a severe infection in the important muscles in the arms and legs, there may be weakness. Some people may need physical therapy.

Group 2 

is a group that lacks vitamins. or certain substances, such as vitamin B, which are rare in this group of patients Because now there is better food consumption.

Group 3 

is the result of various toxins such as lead poisoning and heavy metals. These toxins cause damage to the peripheral nervous system, often at the hands and feet. There is also another group that is similar to the peripheral nervous system. But it is an abnormality of the central nervous system, which is an abnormality that occurs in the spinal cord, such as a tumor or something pressing on the nerve. A herniated disc presses on a nerve in the lumbar area. Which is often found It will cause the patient to feel numb, weak and have pain. Loss of balance due to weakness in the legs. Patients with lumbar disc problems have a characteristic walking posture. or sometimes weak Including the case of diabetes .Can cause peripheral neuropathy as well. For patients with disorders of the peripheral nerves, symptoms will be numbness and weakness. The treatment will be along the path of the abnormal nerve Mostly in the arms and legs, the ends of the hands and feet because there are many nerves.

Director-General of the Department of Medical Services added that Recommendations for patients with peripheral neuropathy You should be careful not to create wounds on the tips of your hands and feet. If you find that you have wounds or bruises on the tips of your hands and feet, You should see a doctor immediately. Because if you leave it The wound may spread and be difficult to heal.