Lazio game determines whether Thomas Tuchel will stay or go.

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Sky Sports Germany says the game against Lazio will determine Thomas Tuchel future with Bayern Munich.

The Southern Tigers still have a disappointing performance. Most recently, they were only able to draw with Freiburg 1-1 in the Bundesliga game last Friday night. In the midst of criticism that continues to come out

On Saturday, Sky Germany revealed that Tuchel will still be in charge of the team playing in the second leg of the Champions League Round of 16 against Lazio on Tuesday ทางเข้า UFABET 

However, the important condition is to turn around the situation from the 0-1 defeat in the first match and lead the team to victory to continue in the quarter-finals.

If Tuchel fails, Sky Germany believes the board is prepared to fire the 50-year-old manager immediately. Even though the problem now is bringing in a new manager to act.

Even though the Southern Tigers originally agreed to work with Tuchel until the end of this season. But various situations The team’s not fighting well. And with the results of the latest league games, the pressure is increasing.

Bayern are ready to make changes if Thomas Tuchel takes the team out of the Champions League on Tuesday and are looking for a new manager to act until the end of the season. Before trying to contact Xabi Alonso to move to work next season