Netherlands 2 – Argentina 2

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Argentina advanced to the semi-finals against Croatia following a heartbreaking penalty shoot-out win over the Netherlands. Who were drawn 2-2 after 120 minutes in football World Cup 2022.

World Cup 2022

Netherlands 2 – Argentina 2

(2-2 overtime, Argentina  win 4-3 on penalties)

Venue: Luzail Iconic Stadium, Luzail 

The second pair of the quarterfinals, the Netherlands sent Cody Kakpo to coordinate with Memphis Depay in the offensive line, while Argentina led by Lionel Messi and Julian Alvarez   UFABET

At the start of the game.

The Blue and White Army was the one who could connect the ball more continuously. But there is still no chance to win the goal, while the Netherlands gradually catch up on the rhythm of play before returning to possession of the ball in the first twenty minutes.

Argentina had a chance to win in the 22nd minute when Lionel Messi had a chance to take the ball to the front of the penalty area before hitting it with the left. But the ball does not curve, causing it to float out of the frame after

The Netherlands had some chances in the 24th minute from Stephen Bergwein’s shot in front of the penalty area, but did not hit the left. 

The White Army responded back 8 minutes later, Alexis Mac Allister passed the ball from the right to Rodrigo De Paul, flicking a shot in front of the penalty area. But the ball was too light to prevent it from passing Andries Noppert’s hands.

Argentina took a 1-0 lead until two minutes later, Messi received the ball in front of the penalty area before moving to find a superior pass for Nauel Molina to hook the left to escape the Dutch defense before poking with the right to pass the ball. Successfully entered the far pole

At the end of the first half.

Argentina Who found another opportunity to finish, Julian Alvarez passed the ball for Messi to rock away from Nathan Ake before shooting with the wrong right side. But the ball was not very strong, Andries Noppert saved it. Making the end of the first half, Argentina lead 1-0 

In the second half, the Turbine army made tactical adjustments immediately, sending Thun Kup Miners and Stephen Berghaus to replace Maarten de Ron and Stephen Bergwein. 

In the 63rd minute, it was Argentina who found another opportunity from a free kick that Messi was fouled by Van Dijk and Messi took charge of spinning over the wall. But the ball missed the roof net a little bit

Argentina escaped 2-0 from the penalty spot in the 73rd minute, with Denzel Dumfries fouled by Denzel Dumfries in the penalty area before Lionel Messi’s decisive kill was missed by Andries Nop. Perth moves in the wrong direction and cannot be saved.

At the end of the game in the 84th minute.

The Netherlands successfully beat the egg from an open ball on the right side of Stephen Berghaus, which reached Wauth Weghorst, hit the first post, sent a beautiful ball into the net. bring the score back to 2-1 

The Turbine army wade hard to reach a rivalry. And it came to fruition in the 11th minute of injury time from a formulated free-kick that Stephen Berghaus gave to Vaut Weghorst, grabbing the right and flicking a shot from the left into Enzo Fernande. H tried to block it but couldn’t fight the big square. resulting in the game ending with a 1-1 draw. 

Overtime The first 15 minutes of overtime. 

Both teams played cautiously so they didn’t have chances to score goals. The first winning moment occurred in the 110th minute from a free kick on the right side that. Messi played with his teammates before dragging him to the front of the penalty area. But the ball is not curved enough, so it floats away after

Blue and white had another chance in the 114th minute. Enzo Fernandez rocked to find a rhythm to open from the right for Lautaro Martinez to press with the right side. Focusing on the penalty area. But blocked Van Dyke after narrowly leaving.  

The end is still Argentina. With two opportunities highlighted by Lautaro Martinez, who fell out of the frame and Enzo Fernandez. Who hit the post seriously making 120 minutes to decide on a team to qualify with a penalty shootout.

During the penalty shoot-out. Argentina scored more precisely to win 4-3 with two failures from Van Dijk. And Berghaus putting the Blues through to the playoffs against Croatia on Tuesday December 13.