Valverde aims to lead Bilbao to defeat Barca.

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Ernesto Valverde insists Athletic Bilbao are determined to beat Barcelona on Sunday. Even though it might mean closing down the Azulgrana team’s chance to defend their championship.

Ernesto Valverde, the 60-year-old coach has confirmed his intention to lead Athletic Bilbao to defeat Barcelona on the Liga stage this Sunday. Even though it might mean cutting off his former team’s chance to defend the Bulls league championship. From Marca’s report last Saturday. ทางเข้า UFABET 

‘It’s clear they are at a disadvantage. With 8 points behind Madrid, if they want to win La Liga. They cannot afford to fail. But it’s a problem they have to deal with. When you come to the game He always wants to be a winner. Both for them and for us.’ Valverde said.

The 60-year-old trainer also compared the difference between Barcelona, ​​who had lost to Athletic Bilbao on the Copa del Rey quarter-final stage. With the team that is about to face this Sunday. After the Azulgrana team adjusted Andreas Christensen to move up to take on the role of number 6. 

Valverde said:

‘Not much time has passed. Something has changed. Christensen now plays as a defensive midfielder. Strengthens that position as a defensive player. And try not to lose the play going forward.’

‘They still come from good games. They played well in Napoli and they deserved the win. a few days ago They also played very well against Getafe.’

‘They’re in for a good time. And I think they came with the intention of winning because we had a short break. And also have a view on their chances in the league.’

‘They haven’t changed much either. in football circles Just a week or two and it’s like the world, the dynamic, changes because you have the confidence that comes from the results.’

‘We expect a great Barca and we will have to play a great game to win.’