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How to drink warm water to increase weight loss efficiency

How to drink warm water to increase weight loss efficiency Drinking warm water on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before breakfast, will help stimulate intestinal function. Helps increase the functioning of the energy metabolism at the beginning of the morning. As for drinking before bed? And drinking

“Peripheral neuropathy” silent danger the elderly 

“Peripheral neuropathy” a silent danger for the elderly If left chronically for a long time, it is difficult to treat. Doctors revealed that peripheral neuropathy, swelling, redness, weakness and numbness in the arms and legs, the ends of the hands and feet, is most common in

Why do dental implants?

Why do dental implants? dental implants  Use to replace the lost natural roots. Made from titanium material. Which can fit into the human body well Design to attached to the patient’s jaw in the position. Where the natural tooth root has been lost. This implant will help support fix or

Netherlands 2 – Argentina 2

Argentina advanced to the semi-finals against Croatia following a heartbreaking penalty shoot-out win over the Netherlands. Who were drawn 2-2 after 120 minutes in football World Cup 2022. World Cup 2022 Netherlands 2 – Argentina 2 (2-2 overtime, Argentina  win 4-3 on penalties) Venue: Luzail Iconic Stadium,