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Lazio game determines whether Thomas Tuchel will stay or go.

Sky Sports Germany says the game against Lazio will determine Thomas Tuchel future with Bayern Munich. The Southern Tigers still have a disappointing performance. Most recently, they were only able to draw with Freiburg 1-1 in the Bundesliga game last Friday night. In the midst of criticism

Valverde aims to lead Bilbao to defeat Barca.

Ernesto Valverde insists Athletic Bilbao are determined to beat Barcelona on Sunday. Even though it might mean closing down the Azulgrana team’s chance to defend their championship. Ernesto Valverde, the 60-year-old coach has confirmed his intention to lead Athletic Bilbao to defeat Barcelona on the Liga

11 tips for choosing and observing safe restaurants

11 tips for choosing and observing safe restaurants. Cleanliness and the arrangement of things, products, or food to always look nice and orderly. It is the first thing that will help attract customers to buy products in the store. And for safe shops, what methods

How to drink warm water to increase weight loss efficiency

How to drink warm water to increase weight loss efficiency Drinking warm water on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before breakfast, will help stimulate intestinal function. Helps increase the functioning of the energy metabolism at the beginning of the morning. As for drinking before bed? And drinking

“Peripheral neuropathy” silent danger the elderly 

“Peripheral neuropathy” a silent danger for the elderly If left chronically for a long time, it is difficult to treat. Doctors revealed that peripheral neuropathy, swelling, redness, weakness and numbness in the arms and legs, the ends of the hands and feet, is most common in